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First things first

We created a blog as an opportunity to keep you guys up to date on current events, news and experiences happening at The Hartley Homestead.

We are currently closed, as you’d expect, to the Corona Virus but we sure hope we will get things up and running for availability within the next few weeks. However, we are still taking bookings for the future.

A Clyde accommodation location like never before

There are a number of accommodation spots throughout Central Otago and Clyde. Many of which come with deals and prices but have limited picturesque views or quality. Finding accommodation can be difficult and tedious as you want to get the quality and value for the chosen price.

We at Hartley Homestead believe we are the leading location for Clyde accommodation and wedding venues in Central Otago. With bountiful space and classical rooms that showcase Clyde history, it is no doubt that Hartley Homestead are the leaders of comfort here in Clyde and Central Otago. Also did I mention the breakfast are to die for?

We hope you enjoy out first blog